Saturday, February 6, 2010

Targeted Individuals - The U.S. Air Force torture planes operating on domestic soil

A targeted individual that the government is trying to silence and/or discredit is often tortured daily through the silent & invisible overexposure to highly targeted electromagnetic radiation (EMR), sometimes described as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in addition to various psychological warfare tactics. The U.S. Air Force has planes of torture they deploy for this very purpose on domestic soil. Using technology which may be similar to ground-penetrating RADAR, the "torture signal" can be precisely targeted on an individuals body anywhere inside their home (or other relatively confined space) and used over an extended period of time as a method of torture and murder. Later in this article I will describe in detail the array of planes that I have often observed either flying directly over my home at very low altitude or in what appears to be a holding pattern directly above and surrounding my home in both Arizona and California.

When my saga began over 4 years ago while living in Concord, California I noticed the sound of jet plane engines in what appeared to be extended holding patterns above my home. This started occuring on a daily basis and progressed to transpire whenever I left or entered my home and constantly throughout the day and night. I initially thought it was some type of sound harassment tool but after years have come to the conclusion that these planes may be used to overload and constantly expose a targeted individual to invisible, yet deadly, doses of electromagnetic radiation. There were no physical effects initially but over time, as my body became sensitized to the constant overexposure, I started to have sharp pains in my heart region along with the sensation of pressure. Also, a gulping sensation in my heart region was a common effect. Although less frequent, I also noticed a metallic taste in my mouth. I would have become concerned about a natural health issue except these sensations were only experienced when I was relatively stationary and in a confined space. Only occuring while at my home (with my wife and young children present) or office. Otherwise the symptoms were non-existant.

A targeted individual has essentially been declared an "enemy of the State" and as such is harassed by our military (yikes!), federal & local law enforcement and the various community "helpers" they each deploy during this type of harassment & terrorism campaign. If this sounds crazy to you, as it initially did to me when I found myself explaining these occurences to my wife, you may want to do a little research into MKULTRA and COINTELPRO. These types of abuses by our government are well documented and have been occuring to US citizens for decades. The amazing part to me is that this type of government sponsored terrorism can continue in modern day America, with impunity for the perpetrators whom are nothing more than State-sanctioned executioners.

The following are detailed descriptions of the various planes that fly directly over my home whenever I enter or leave and appear to be in holding patterns above and around my home throughout the day and night.1. Passenger style jet planes: all white with no visible markings anywhere (California); white with dark blue underside (except wings) and no visible markings elsewhere (Arizona). 2. Small propeller aircraft: all white except 2 white stars centered inside blue circles, 1 on each wing positioned closest to the body on the underside of the aircraft (Arizona); all white with blue tips on underside of the wings (Arizona); all white with a red stripe on the underside near the tip of each wing (Arizona); white, dual-propeller, with blue stripe running horizontally along fuselage (Arizona).3. Helicopters: dark blue with Sheriff (Arizona); all black (Arizona).

During and very shortly after these planes fly by my home is typically when the most intense Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) torture seems to occur (while my 3 very young and still developing children are present). Whatever the source of these attacks, it is an absolute abuse of police power that allows it to continue. Being orchestrated and perpetrated with approval by the highest ranks of our military and federal law enforcement community.

To learn more about this horrific abuse of power and terrorism being perpetrated against myself and countless other targeted individuals throughout the country, please visit my website at


  1. Stay in communication with me, always. We are in the same wicked hellish boat.

    1. I have been attacked for the past few years as well and I believe this is going to kill me. I have hundreds possibly thousands of hours of video and audio. They are also using music experiments mixed with pornography filtered through radio waves. I hate to say this but I know for a fact good old Hollywood is part of it. I met a singer when I was young before he became famous and he was hell bent on some sick sadistic spiritual pornography and government experiment. I taped with him for some time. 17 years later this tape begins to play and low & behold the dude is playing porn in the background while he sings as well as using video on stage. He continues to make his sick porn. I'm going to post every god damn audio I have. His name and the names of others are mentioned as is the government and an microphone experiment in california. I do not live there either. I am constantly being followed by planes that have the ability to stay stationary. I have a neighbor who works at the airport who told me they are surveillance planes. I have been followed and have witness. A strange object was also dropped out of a plane over my grandfathers nursing home...he recently died. He tried to rip his radio apart one day and even knew I had hurt my foot the night before as he heard my cries. There was no way for him to know this, I wasn't walking funny and it didn't warrant me telling anyone. For a man that couldn't talk he knew what was going on with me. Funny thing was that same day was when they dropped what I believe to be a satellite for surveying. There is so much going on but the singers in california should be talked too...I know they know what is going on. Sick illuminati is the truth there. They are sick and apparently some of them must work with and for government harassment. I'm sure they get paid pretty for it.

    2. Check out brain to brain communication..Washington university and the US Army Funded

    3. Check out brain to brain communication..Washington university and the US Army Funded

    4. Thank you Federal Marshal Bibb County Sheriff navicent health and all who engaged the federal government in the torture and I've been enduring but two years and it is horrific and inhumane and you can all go to hell that's great where you going to go thank you

    5. I have major hard Corp of these crimes on my face book page I am a 40 yr victim of these torture crimes and technolagies my intire family victims I have e been speaking out sence the early 90s falsely imprisoned forces through evaluation have judges statements echnolaging admitting I have more than proven goverment is useing top secret military weapons on me my family and other citizens they have destroyed our busniess and robed stole depetated basically 2.5-3 million from us in just a fee yrs . Savior torture of our children and loved ones I expose as well as explain these technolagies on my face book page backed by documents as well I show people how to get eveidance of these crimes. Presently preparing to submit lawsuits as well as publishing a book this yr pretainning to all we are Mk-ultra victims
      Please share and pass this on

  2. Are you a targeted individual? Can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you? Do your friends and family suddenly appear "in on it"? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Chemtrails, mind control and a BioAPI for you and your family. Open your eyes.

  3. I feel betrayed by my 'country.' However, it's not really the USA we once knew after the NEOCON Agenda fell into place after 911.

  4. They ought to call is "cul-vert" torture, because that is just what it is. They are culling us. That is why no one will believe you and hardly one politician will take up the cause. Because they know we will be gone soon.
    They are tyrants who figured out that people just don't want to see all that killing on TV anymore. They'd rather have it go on right under there noses.
    Many targets are monarch survivors, whom they dont want talking about how their whole life was one big manipulated lie.

  5. Please view my site:

  6. Kyle wood Spokane,WA
    I am being harassed by FBI and us army. I don't have a clue why but everyone seems to know more than I do

  7. FBI = InfagGard
    Organized Stalking.

  8. I complained about high-tech, military chemical dumping now I'm sprayed 24/7 with chemicals.

  9. I'm a TI as well. I focuse in getting proves against who I can actually fight and maybe win in Court. POLICE.....
    So I focuse in video tape the abuse and framed crimes they place on me...NOT in the stupid broke muppets....

    Maybe someday I will have enough for a civil lawsuit. And witht hat money get as far from USA as I can. Buy a house in some thai or eastern island where I know they won't be interested in follow and finally put a business, get married and have some kids.

    Check this vvideo Out:

  10. Sex and confidential information contained within my life. They should now what i betrayed is not going to help my mental emotions and physical activity in this email.

  11. Sex and confidential information contained within my life. They should now what i betrayed is not going to help my mental emotions and physical activity in this email.

  12. Anyone willing to make a documentary of my life as I experience this?

  13. fatigue, metallic taste in the mouth, gastrointestinal issues, migraines, vertigo

    and yep planes
    harssment and weird stalking behavior by neighbors for no apparent reason

    two cases of what may have been street theatre in the past year

    glad at least I am not alone
    I have committed no crime other than free speech and justice organizing

    they do this to who cannot be framed etc
    they either make you crazy enough to get committed or do somethign stupid, or make you too sick and weak to organize anymore and you slowly die

    its not new its just better technology with which to do it.

    not sure what can be done, no where to run
    most you can do is be comforted by the fact that you are not alone and you must have done something right, and effective or this would not be happening to you

    be blessed

  14. slowly die, it's what I hope for most is my death.

  15. I have since 1998 been attacked and had watched how my family being brain washed to be against me .as a targeted person I am able to recognize if another person is one also . even if they don't hear them the effect of it on them is clearly seen . and after seeing this reacure for three plus years on my wife she left our home . so she didn't have to see me die . I don't blame her there . but what a mistake that was do not allow them to get at your spouses . or children but if your planning on fighting this thing do it and let them leave so you do not keep them in harms way for they will do anything to detour you even iif its only one day at a time . cause the widdlers have learned its there only hope . one day at a time make a list of objectives and follow it tightly . the us government has given all proof and evidence of this behaviour that they can not argue that the air force researchers and the private investigaters can not say they are not involvolved in . you will only have to prove that its on you so plan on measuring the signal strength and show the differences between an empty room and your being. In the bio effect data sheets I have down loaded from the air forces web sites and the told strengths described in the us patents for ten mind control devices the strength to talk to you is murder right out the gate in accordance to federal regulations . my law suit I file tomorrow in Washington state . I believe that through god and all the evidences he said they would provide I have all that they can not deny there own documentations . so people look for it its there or email me jimmcintyre253@gmail. Com love you all and praying for our victory in Jesus name .

  16. Please help the victims of the National Institute of Justice's "intelligent surveillance" research. The NIJ is using our taxpayer dollars to violate our constitutional rights, recklessly endanger our lives, and torture us 24/7. Senator Kaine told me that this program funds Newport News Police Department and Virginia state police. Both are required to have a signed informed consent form for each human subject. The NIJ follows the common rule. Citizens need to request the name and contact number for the IRB as well as the grant administrator. We need to ask our senators to defund the NIJ for failure to follow the "common rule" and for violations of our constitutional rights as well as the torture and murder of thousands of innocent citizens. The perps are state and local police. The funding is the NIJ. They must allow us to opt out. The NIJ are required by law to pay for our attorney fees, medical expenses, and any change in financial position as well as punitive damages! I now have cancer throughout my body as a direct result of this technology. They are to blame! Senators Kaine & Warner told me it was state & local police. I believe them after I caught cops leaving my home using a key. Karen Rodriguez, VA DCJS, admitted to me in a letter.